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Adam Lumber

Our Wooden
Roof Trusses

From design to manufacturing, your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural construction project will benefit from roof trusses adapted to your needs.

Whether it’s a simple or complex renovation, a residential or an industrial construction, our team will support you in your project, no matter how architecturally or engineering challenging it may be.

Why Choose
our roof trusses?

  • Precise installation plans to facilitate on-site work.
  • High-quality mechanical properties to optimize the strength of your roof structure while maximizing attic space.
  • Use of premium quality NLGA (National Lumber Grade Association) certified materials and precise manufacturing to the highest industry standards.
  • Quality construction at the plant, sheltered from the weather.
  • End truss finishing and gypsum installation as a fire stop.
  • Custom-built trusses for temporary complex geometry structures.
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Do you need wooden structural components?
Let our experts take charge of their design and manufacturing.