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adam lumber
Adam Lumber

Our Wooden
Beams and
Prefabricated floors

We design and manufacture wooden floor trusses and prefabricated floors that facilitate on-site assembly, be it for residential, commercial or agricultural projects.

Why choose
Our Wooden Floor trusses and Prefabricated floors?

  • Customized sizes of openwork beams.
  • Open web joists for easier building mechanics installation.
  • Performance in excess of building code requirements.
  • Built in 2 × 3 or 2 × 4 with metal connectors and solidification where necessary.
  • Individual beams designed with high-performance software to ensure precision, thus eliminating any need for on-site adjustments, measurements, cuts or reinforcements.
  • Clear identification of each element on drawings for quick on-site installation.
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Do you need wooden structural components?
Let our experts take charge of their design and manufacturing.