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As the first company in Quebec to manufacture wooden roof trusses, Adam Lumber has been able over the years to perpetuate a tradition of quality in its products as well as in its relations with customers. And this story has been ongoing since 1923.

Fabricant de structures en bois

Wooden Components
for Your Structures

We design and manufacture all the components necessary for your wooden structure construction project.

Let Us Help You
with Your Wooden
Structure Construction Project

From engineering drawings
to delivery, we are there
every step of the way.

Nos composants pour vos structures de bois

Adam Lumber
Is Proud To Mark Its 100th Anniversary!

Thanks to its many loyal employees, its equally loyal customers and its leaders whose vision has steered the company through the many changes over the decades to turn it into a major player in the manufacturing of structural wooden elements.

Structures St-Joseph

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Here, people have been doing their best for almost 100 years. At Adam Lumber, you can look forward to a long career.

Find out why Adam Lumber is right for you.

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